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Interview with ‘Xombi’ Comic Book Writer John Rozum – Part One

John Rozum is the co-creator of “Xombi” which was just recently resurrected from the dead to become an ongoing monthly series for DC Comics. After reading the first issue of the new version of the book, I had an opportunity to talk to Rozum and dig deep into the world of “Xombi” and the writer himself.

First, give us a little background on John Rozum.

I was born in the latter half of the 1960s and grew up on a steady diet of cartoons, dinosaurs, and monster movies. Even as a kid I was predisposed towards serial storytelling.

I went to New York University to study film and television production. It was here that I met Dwayne McDuffie. When Dwayne began working at Marvel as an assistant editor, I’d often meet him after work to get dinner or catch a movie. At some point, wandering the Marvel offices while he was finishing up, I decided that I could probably write comics. I’d read them my whole life, and even made a bunch as a kid, but it never occurred to me to try and do it professionally.