Day: May 29, 2018

Anime Review: S-Cry-ed

I’d had my eye in this anime for quite some time. When I was finally able to purchase the boxed set of the complete series and watch it, I was blown away. This is one of the most exciting and original anime I’ve ever seen.

Tokyo, and part of the surrounding Kanto plain, is ripped away from the mainland by a catastrophic earthquake. Eventually this area becomes known as the Lost Ground. So powerful were the natural forces that caused this disaster that a rift was opened in the fabric of our world and the energy of another world bled through. Within a generation children are born who begin to exhibit strange abilities. These abilities are dubbed Alter Power, and those who wield are called Alter Users. These individuals can reorder the structure of matter on a fundamental level, shaping it into other forms to suit their needs. These forms are the physical embodiment of their powers and are unique to each User. The anime S-Cry-ed takes you from thrilling highs in action to unique storytelling with epic dialogues.

The desolate and dangerous Lost Ground serves as a backdrop for a fascinating character study. Kazuma is a young Alter User who does odd-jobs, some of them of a questionable nature, to make money to take care of an orphaned girl named Kanami. Ordinarily, Kazuma is hot-headed , boastful and reckless but when it comes to her he is kind-hearted, revealing a protective, nurturing side. Still, all he wants is to live in peace and be left alone. He does not want to answer to anyone.