LSU’s Labratory for Creative Arts and Technology

LSU’s Laboratory for Creative Arts and Technology [LCAT] “is envisioned as a place for exploration of how Information Technology affects all forms of human expression, whether that expression is artistic, commercial, scientific, or instructional in nature. Collaborations between artists, musicians, scientists, engineers and writers will help develop new technologies and modes of communication through interdisciplinary research, activities and programs,” Said LCAT director Steve Beck.

One of the largest and most public of LCAT’s recent programs was the highly successful Red Stick Animation Festival (April 21-23), which drew crowds to the recently opened Shaw Center for the Arts. The festival was comprised of three types of events. “On Thursday we had a set of workshops. People had the opportunity to learn, through hands on experience, about anatomy for animators, video game development, and acting for animators. Friday we had a full day of lectures from professional video game designers, animation studio recruiters, and of course professional animators. Throughout the three days we had screenings ranging from the five animated short films nominated for Academy Awards, to Cartoon-A-Palooza, animation for a family audience,” Beck said.


Influence Of Cinema On Youth

Nowadays, movies in some ways affect people lifestyles especially teenagers. Movies are popular among teenagers. Most of the teenagers are influenced by the movies and addicted to some illegal activities. This is one of the major problem faces by our country because of the teenager’s behavior. Movies are one of the most entertainments in today world. Watching movies increase rapidly. Most of the people addicted to watch movie, especially teenagers. There are so many advantages and disadvantages about watching movies. The productions spend billions of money to produce and direct a new movie.

Movie is well-known among teenagers. Movie affects teenagers in different kind of ways. One of the reasons for the popularity of the movie is that it entertains all types of people, young and old, literate and illiterate. Most of the teenagers watching movies are for relaxations. Sometimes, they feel stress, so that teenagers spending their time in watching movies. movie influence youth negatively and positively. This is because; teenagers will imitate their favorite actor and actress to follow exactly their styles such as, dressing styles, hairstyle, character of the actor or actress act in the movie, language and so on. Movies affect teenagers in their attitude. Teenagers watch too much movies and its influence their attitude change. They might admire the character, their thoughts, or idea’s. They decide to do the same as them.

In many movies there is an unnecessary show of pomp and luxury which can be misleading and problematic to the youth. Movies often exaggerate violence which may induce ‘mean world syndrome’ and may spark violent traits among children and youngsters. Movies also may force a cultural dilemma among the audience as the portrayal of characters is sometimes far from reality. Similarly, movies, mainly the popular drama based ones portray a society which is far from real. For example, a hunk riding an Audi may be ‘awwww…’ For girls but if that is taken as a benchmark of awesomeness then probably it is not justified.